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UPDATE: LawLinks was established to help connect law students to volunteer opportunities during the tough summer of 2020. During the summer of 2020, we were pleased to have had over 400 Canadian law students register to volunteer through LawLinks. As law students are currently preparing to return to school in the fall, we are currently no longer accepting registrations. Thank you for your interest.

Are you a Canadian law student looking for a legal opportunity this summer? Register to become a volunteer and get matched with a project from a law firm, clinic or legal organization. Our goal is to help provide meaningful experiences during this particularly difficult 2020 summer period.


You can volunteer for as little or as much time as you would like. Specify what dates you are available, and how many hours you are able to commit. Law students can also specify if they have any particular interests (i.e. social justice, real estate, research) or if they are open to a broad range of projects, and we will try to match you accordingly. When we find a potential match, both you and the organization will be given an opportunity to confirm your interest in working together before an introduction is made. 

Potential Projects

Potential projects may include conducting legal research, drafting memos, preparing public legal education seminars/materials, producing summaries based on recent government changes, monitoring an area of the law and drafting blog posts/articles about it, or assisting on a variety of matters. All projects can be done remotely to ensure everyone's safety amidst COVID-19. 

No Long-standing Commitments

There are no long-standing commitments as law students volunteer on a project-by-project basis. LawLinks matches law students who want to volunteer their time on an unpaid basis with organizations who need help on a discrete project. LawLinks does not promote long-term unpaid internships.

LawLinks' Role

LawLinks was started with the sole purpose of helping connect law students and organizations in these difficult times. The only role of LawLinks is to create connections. As such, once a match is confirmed and an introduction is made, it is up to you and the organization to manage your project & project relationship, and to ensure it meets any laws, rules and/or guidelines (including, but not limited to, confidentiality and non-disclosure).