"I had the opportunity to connect with Nadia and Davina as part of their LawLinks initiative. Unfortunately, I was one of the students who had lost their summer position due to mass lay-offs as a result of COVID-19. As an incoming 3L student, I was looking to gain some practical experience in the summer before articling. LawLinks connected me to a project through which I am helping lawyers who are providing pro bono legal services to front line health workers during the pandemic. This project is very and dear to my heart because I have several family members fighting the pandemic as nurses. I commend Nadia and Davina for their initiative in facilitating these meaningful connections. In these uncertain times, traditional networking is all but impossible. I thank Nadia and Davina for thinking of fellow students during a difficult period and I look forward to my exciting work on this project this summer."


Ryan Ehrenworth,

3L Lakehead University

Headshot - Julianne de Gara.jpg

"I am so grateful to have been matched with a project with LawLinks! My project allowed me to explore an area of law I would not have been able to work within otherwise. I've gained new research skills and a valuable professional contact amidst an uncertain time. Thank you Nadia and Davina for your leadership and your initiative!"

Julianne Claire de Gara,

1L Western University

"Several months before recently completing my first year of law school at the University of Windsor, I was fortunate enough to secure a potential summer student position at a law firm which was an amazing momentum booster for me. Unfortunately, this was short lived when the the COVID-19 crisis had begun to unravel the reality the world is now currently faced with.

By the end of my final exams in April, I was left without any work opportunities and an array of questions that were still unanswered at the time. From this point, I knew that I needed to find a spark to ignite my momentum once again. For weeks I had been looking for new work opportunities but to no avail, I was unable to secure anything. This unfortunately was my reality until I discovered LawLinks on my Facebook timeline.


I saw the ingenious thought gone into how LawLinks marketed their service to create opportunities for law students like myself who were seeking summer positions. I then immediately filled in their application online which only took five minutes to complete and after a few weeks, LawLinks presented me with an opportunity to volunteer for a law firm in Toronto. To my surprise, the volunteer opportunity shortly turned in to full time summer position where I am now working with an IP lawyer learning about trademarks, patents and copyright law. Just want to say thank you LawLinks for the amazing opportunity that you have helped me secure and I am forever grateful for what you have done and hopefully continue to do for other law students in the future!"

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Lloyd Mcstephens-Omelebele,

1L University of Windsor

Headshot2 - Julia Gadd.jpg

"During COVID-19, many summer opportunities for law students were lost. Thanks to LawLinks, I was matched with a volunteer position, which gave me great legal experience and something to add to my resume! The process was easy to use. I would highly recommend using LawLinks if you find yourself looking for a project to fill your time!"

Julia Gadd,

1L University of Ottawa

"The sudden emergence of COVID-19 created many confounding conditions for the legal profession, especially law students. With many law student positions and opportunities cancelled, LawLinks was founded to help connect law students with organizations that still need volunteer assistance during this difficult time. I immediately jumped upon this great initiative and sent in my CV. Within a short period of time, LawLinks connected me with Right to Play International. Not only am I helping a great non-profit organization during this difficult time, but I am also gaining legal experience in policy and reporting mechanisms. I recommend LawLinks to any law student looking to gain practical and meaningful legal experience during this uncertain period."


Michael Piaseczny,

1L University of Ottawa

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Kelly Perioris,

1L Western University

"LawLinks has been an incredible resource. As a student, I was paired with a law firm that took the time to educate and provide access to lawyers throughout the research project. I am now versed in new areas of laws and have a better understanding of the actual practice of law outside school. I am very grateful to have been partner by LawLinks!"

"I am truly thankful for Nadia and Davina in taking the initiative to create a platform like LawLinks. With COVID-19 cancelling most of the 1L Duals externship placements this summer, I was lucky enough to come across LawLinks and the opportunity to connect with law firms, clinics and organizations that were more than willing to help law students like myself. It didn’t take long for LawLinks to connect me with a law firm with an amazing team and support system. As a 1L student with absolutely no practical experience, Advocai LLP really made me feel comfortable and allowed me to assist on a wide range of tasks. I was unsure of what to expect before but now, with every new task comes an adventure along with growth in my legal journey and practical skills in a real-world (although remote) setting. It takes a lot time and dedication to come up with an initiative like LawLinks to help out fellow law students that unfortunately lost their opportunities this summer. Nadia and Davina were a great help in coordinating law students to professionals and I would highly recommend LawLinks to anyone that is looking for new and rewarding experiences in the legal field!"


Rabab Meen,

1L University of Windsor

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Hanna Yoon,

1L University of Windsor

"I had a great experience with LawLinks. Through this organization, I got to cooperate and work hands-on with a lawyer, who kindly guided and advised me on my legal research. It was also a practical way to directly apply and hone the skills I learned in my first year of law school. I would recommend this exceptional opportunity to other law students."

"My experience working with LawLinks has been highly beneficial and effective. Nadia and Davina are true professionals who work extremely hard to coordinate practical placements and facilitate seamless transitions between law students and various legal organizations. I encourage all law students looking for pro bono opportunities to give back to their communities to become involved with LawLinks, you will not be disappointed!"


Aria Kamal,

1L Lakehead University

valerie tan_headshot - Valerie Tan.jpg

Valerie Tan,

1L University of Windsor

"I truly enjoyed my experience with LawLinks. Thanks to LawLinks, I was quickly matched with a top immigration lawyer in Toronto to research relevant case law and to co-author an article on the topic of study permit refusals for foreign nationals. I am grateful for having had this opportunity to apply my legal research skills and to gain valuable feedback and guidance from an experienced lawyer in their field. I would highly recommend fellow law students to reach out to Nadia and Davina at LawLinks who will help connect you to a rewarding experience!"

"It is no doubt that summer 2020 has been quite the rollercoaster. Many job opportunities or interning positions were revoked due to the pandemic. Law Links has been a fantastic resource that has provided me with an opportunity to volunteer, gain practical legal experience, and to provide support during the pandemic. It has been a terrific experience and I appreciate the great connections and experience I have gotten from volunteering through Law Links."

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Tyler Alviano,

1L University of Ottawa